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Need to finance a particular project? Buying a car or a motorcycle? Want to own your first house or apartment? Need to get away or travel abroad? But how to finance these projects? The answer is simple. Just apply for a loan. Indeed, the financial loan with an annual rate of 4 % to 5.9 % is one of the best solutions to realize a personal project.


Today, we find several loan offers on the internet. Among these, there is the credit in Switzerland online.
But what exactly is an online loan? What are the different types of online loans? How to get a Swiss credit online?

credit application

Your online credit simulator

What exactly is a credit application?

First of all, credit is a form of financing, mainly to have an adequate fund to realize a particular need. Why apply for a loan with a fixed rate of 9.9 %, when you can get 7.9 % on the internet. It is a simpler and faster process than the traditional loan.

By applying for a loan from credit institutions, you can realize various projects:

  • The purchase of a house or apartment
  • The acquisition of a car or motorcycle
  • Payment of medical expenses, surgery or medication
  • Financing your education or professional training
  • The realization of renovation works or interior or exterior development
  • The payment of a trip or a vacation outside of Switzerland...

Many projects can be realized by taking out a credit in Switzerland online. In case of lack of funds on hand, this is the easiest and most effective way. Moreover, many individuals are currently turning to this solution. Why not give it a try?

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How do I apply for credit?

Good question. The granting of credit on the Internet goes through several phases. Indeed, different steps are to be respected to make a credit online. To help you, our specialists advise you on the right steps to follow:

credit application

Choose the right online credit for your project

On the internet, banks and organizations authorized in financial loans propose different credit offers. Indeed, several types of loans are available in a few clicks on the web. Personal loan, real estate loan, car loan, travel loan, student loan...

If you are considering taking out an online loan, the first step is to choose between these different forms of loans. Note that Your choice depends mainly on your project or your need for funds.

credit application

Find the best credit in Switzerland on the web

When a person takes out an online loan, he or she is always looking for the best deal. Indeed, the future borrowers generally want a cheap credit. How to do to find a loan in switzerland with a low interest rate ?

The solution is online credit calculation in Switzerland. It is the most widely used tool for finding an advantageous loan on the internet. This device is easy to use, and its use is totally free.

credit application

Check the conditions for obtaining credit online

If you wish to have a credit allocation, you must meet the eligibility requirements imposed by the online financial institutions. Indeed, various conditions must be respected to obtain a loan on Internet.

First, you must be the right age to borrow money from a bank or financial institution. Then, you must have an appropriate debt ratio and a good credit capacity. Then, your bank history must be impeccable.

credit application

Send your credit application online

Does your profile perfectly meet the various conditions set up by the financial institutions? You have found an online Swiss credit offer that suits your project? To obtain your loan, you must Start by submitting your credit application online.

Please note that when simulating a loan on the internet, you can transfer your request directly via the simulator tool. No more wasting time! Everything can be done immediately after choosing the Swiss loan offer that meets your needs via a credit comparison.

What are the different types of credit in Switzerland?

There are several kinds of online financial loans. It all depends on your project or your needs. Note that the financial loans available on the internet are categorized according to the needs of future borrowers.

Among the most requested credits, there are:

Personal Loan

Personal loan or private consumer credit

Real estate credit

Real estate and mortgage loans

Automobile Credit

Car loan

Credit repurchase

Credit repurchase

Consumer credit: a loan for your various personal needs

Many individuals are currently taking out a consumer loan. It is a form of financial loan allowing the realization of a personal project. Currently, the private consumer credit rate is 10 %. This rate may vary depending on the current environment.

Need money for your wedding or engagement? Want to buy new appliances? Planning to buy a car or finance your education? For these different needs, it is sufficient to apply for a consumer credit online.

Online home loan: financing for an ideal home

Have you been dreaming of buying your own home for a long time? Do you want to renovate your old home? Do you want to create an extra room? To acquire a property or to plan work, you need specific funds.

In case of insufficient cash flow, financial organizations offer online home loans. It is a practical way of obtaining money to carry out a real estate purchase or work project.

Student credit and training: a financing solution for your studies

Often, the cost of college or vocational training is expensive. However, it is an important investment to create a bright professional future.

But how to finance your studies or training? To pay for your student expenses, banks and financial institutions offer education and training loans.

Understanding your credit application

💰 How to calculate the cost of a credit in Switzerland?

The calculation of the cost of a credit in Switzerland is quite simple. It is the difference between the amount borrowed and the total of its monthly payments with fees. Note that the lending institution is responsible for calculating this cost and communicating it to the borrower. At the time of the signature of the credit contract, the banker informs about the global cost of the financial loan.

💰 I can't pay my mortgage anymore, what should I do?

Are you having trouble making your monthly mortgage payments? There are several solutions. First of all, there is the recourse to your loan insurance. Then, you have other options such as asking your banker for a delay in payment or filing for overindebtedness.

💰 How to calculate your debt ratio for a real estate loan?

Estimating your debt ratio for a real estate loan in Switzerland is child's play. The value of the monthly payment in CHF of your loan is to be divided by the amount of your income. The operation is then completed by multiplying by 100. Currently, you can use an online mortgage simulator to calculate your debt ratio more quickly and easily.

💰 How to get a consumer credit in Switzerland online?

To obtain a consumer credit in Switzerland, you just have to go through a simulator or an online loan comparator. This tool is also called an internet credit calculator. This tool is easy to use. You just have to type the key words "simulate a consumer credit in Switzerland online". Then you will get a list of the most used tools.

💰 How long does it take to get the'money from a credit?

Today, there is a fast credit offer online. This type of loan has a 48-hour response time to an online loan application. So the borrower can receive the credit money 24 hours after the acceptance of the online loan. In the case of a traditional loan, bankers give a response after 7 days. The borrower can get the loan money on the eighth day.

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