Consolidate your loans
with the online credit repurchase

You are in the process of repaying a old home loan with a rate of 17 % ? But not only that, you also pay back consumer credit at 19 % ? These are very high credit rates.

How to do to reduce interest rates on old loans ? What to do in order to pay back a loan more cheaply ? For these needs, the solution is online credit consolidation or credit repurchase. Currently, this is the best way to bring down high interest rates.

Banks and credit institutions in Switzerland offer today interesting credit repurchase offers. Applying for a credit repurchase is an advantageous solution for borrowers with several loans that are difficult to repay.

The credit repurchase in Switzerland allows avoid debt situations. Indeed, this means is used to to pay back its numerous loans more easily. But what exactly is the online credit repurchase ? When should you consolidate your loans? And how to choose the best credit repurchase offer? Details.

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Credit repurchase

What exactly is an online credit repurchase?

The credit repurchase is defined as a form of loan allowing to collect different loans to avoid over-indebtedness. Because of the accumulation of several loans, a person finds himself in a difficult financial situation. In fact, they risk a real budgetary imbalance in their daily life.

Principle of operation of the repurchase of credit in Switzerland

Today, credit organizations want to help borrowers find better management of their debts. So much so that they propose the repurchase of credit or regrouping of loans. This loan allows to centralize all your loans with a single credit organization.

Its operating principle is really simple to understand:
credit repurchase, online credit repurchase
A bank or credit institution offers to buy back your numerous loans.
credit repurchase, online credit repurchase
Subsequently, he renegotiates a single loan with a lower interest rate for you.
Thanks to the credit repurchase, you avoid the accumulation of many interest rates, several monthly payments, different loan terms. With the consolidation of your debts, you only pay one monthly payment, a single term, a new rate.

Several loans combined into one with a credit repurchase

A private loan of CHF 5,000, a construction loan of CHF 8,000, a car loan of CHF 30,000... These numerous loans are causing you a lot of trouble, as you are having difficulty paying the monthly payments. How reduce the cost of monthly payments on these loans ? To do so, you just have to subscribe to a Swiss credit repurchase contract.

The credit consolidation really allows to pay back all his loans, whatever the amounts, the rates and the durations. The borrower gathers his various credits in only one at a single establishment. No matter where each of your loans comes from, you can consolidate your debts into one.

Signature of a credit repurchase

When should you consolidate your loans with a credit repurchase?

The monthly payments of the credits that have accumulated can quickly become considerable. Indeed, they can quickly complicate the management of the household budget. In this regard, you must plan for the subscription to a credit repurchase. This type of loan is an ideal solution to limit the risk of getting into debt with many loans.

If you find yourself in an impossible situation with several loans to repay, you should opt for credit consolidation. When your borrowing situation is likely to worsen due to various changes in your life, it is the good time for a credit repurchase. Indeed, when you feel overwhelmed by the many loans in your name, it is better to turn to this type of loan. It provides more advantageous conditions for a financial credit in Switzerland.

Which bank to choose for a credit repurchase in Switzerland?

Online loan consolidation proposals are currently numerous. Indeed, they abound at the moment on the Swiss loan market. How to find your way around? Which offer should I choose? To simplify your choice of a credit repurchase offer, here is some advice from our experts:
Evaluate your situation for a credit repurchase

Always evaluate your situation before taking out a credit repurchase

Before signing a credit repurchase agreement, it is recommended to have an interview with your bank advisor. An interview is essential for a thorough study of your file in order to benefit from a loan repurchase. Note that an appointment with a bank advisor is without obligation. It only allows tocarefully estimate its profitability for the underwriting of a loan consolidation.

  • Evaluation of the number and nature of credits in his name : consumer loan, private loan, real estate loan, revolving loan, work loan...
  • Estimation of the repayment terms of its various loans It is necessary to examine the different maturities of its loans.
  • Take into account the remaining amounts of its many credits: this makes it possible to determine how much the amount of credit repurchase required.
  • Evaluation of your borrowing profile The bank advisor is responsible for carefully evaluating the creditworthiness of the borrower for a loan consolidation.

Good to know: if you do not want to talk to a bank advisor, simply use an online credit simulator. With this tool, you can evaluate the different points before contracting a credit repurchase in Switzerland.

Simulate a credit online

Use a simulator or an online credit repurchase comparator

Are you having trouble finding the right credit repurchase offer for your needs? In this situation, the best way is to the use of a simulator or an online loan comparator. Indeed, this kind of tool facilitates enormously the search for the best proposals of repurchase of credit on Internet.

In addition, doing a credit simulation can also help to calculate his creditworthiness and perfectly evaluate his borrowing profile. With a simulator, an individual has the possibility to calculate his debt capacity with a credit repurchase. If you are looking for a credit insurance, there are also online credit insurance simulators.

Understand everything about your credit repurchase request

💰 Is it really beneficial to opt for a credit buyback?

You find yourself in a very complicated situation with several loans to repay. In this case, subscribing to a credit repurchase is ideal. It is an efficient and practical solution to pay back only one loan. Moreover, this type of loan allows you to take advantage of a new interest rate to avoid the risks of accumulating various rates.

💰 Are all borrowers eligible for a credit buyback?

The granting of a credit repurchase by a Swiss bank is possible if various conditions are met. Among the main conditions to be met, there is the importance of solvency. But not only that, it is also necessary that the borrower has no bad payment history. If the applicant customer has already had payment disputes with a bank, he may be refused credit repurchase.

💰 Should we be wary of all online credit consolidation providers?

Are you thinking of taking out an online credit repurchase? In this situation, it is necessary to be careful in choosing the loan consolidation provider. Some online proposals are scams. It is necessary to refer to Swiss banks or safe institutions, offered by reliable comparators.

💰 How do you recognize a questionable credit buyback provider?

It is easy to recognize a dubious credit consolidation provider. These types of credit repair providers regularly advertise on the internet to lure customers. When applying for a loan consolidation, these scammers charge large fees. They use the argument of debt rehabilitation fees. Do not trust these credit repair providers.

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