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75% of Swiss currently take out credit online. Today, this financing is one of the most practical ways to realize a dream or a particular project.

Need cash for a real estate project? Do you dream of a newer car? You want to go abroad? However, you don't have enough money to carry out these projects. What can you do?

In these situations, a credit application is one of the best financing solutions available today.

A credit agreement is a convenient way to get money fairly easily and quickly. Indeed, thegranting of credit by a bank allows you to have the adequate cash flow to carry out your project.

Your financial situation does not allow you to fulfill your dreams or satisfy a specific need? In this case, a personal or private credit allows you to have the funds you need.

Currently, there are many credit institutions. So you can have access to several loan offers in Swiss on the internet. Which one to choose? For that, go through our credit comparison.

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Your online credit simulator

What exactly is credit comparison?

How to find an offer of credit with an interest rate of less than 3.4 %? A question that intrigues many consumers. It is a very interesting rate for a loan. With the help of this rate, a credit borrower saves money. But how to find this type of financial loan? For that, it is enough to use our comparison of the credits in Switzerland.

The online loan comparison is an excellent tool to find a credit CHF 30 000 or more at the best rate. With an ideal loan, you can perfectly finance a specific project. Purchase of a new smartphone, purchase of household appliances, purchase of a house, car or motorcycle, travel... So many projects that can be realized just with a loan found with the help of our comparison.

Using our credit comparison is totally free. Moreover, there is no obligation. So a future borrower can use our online loan calculator with no fees and no strings attached. Compare Swiss loans in a few clicks and find your offer at reduced rate of 4 to 5.9 % about.

Credit with a bank

Why use an online credit calculator?

Online credit calculator
Among the easiest and fastest ways to find your personal or real estate loan, there is the online credit calculation. This approach allows you toto evaluate his profile of future borrower of credits. As well as helping to find the right providers for a loan, insurance, bank account, mortgages, credit cards...

No need to waste your time going from one credit institution to another. Do it in a few minutes your loan searches online and subscribe directly to the offer that meets your needs.

Evaluate your credit capacity with our online calculator

When taking out a mortgage loan in Switzerland, it is necessary to identify one's credit capacity. This is an essential condition to determine in order to access a loan.

The calculation of the credit capacity allows to know your debt ratio. The latter must be less than 33 % to be eligible for a mortgage or private credit.

By using an online credit calculator, a consumer can find out his or her debt ratio or borrowing capacity.

Calculate the best rate for your credit in Switzerland

A fixed interest rate of 4.4 % or less is any borrower's dream. This is a significant consideration when taking out a loan. With a low rate, an individual benefits from a cheaper reimbursement.

Whether it is for affiliated credit, leasing, consumer loans... An individual wants to take advantage of a rate between 3.8 and 5.9 % when choosing his credit online. To find a really good rate, the solution is to go through our calculator. By comparing Swiss loan offers on our platform, you can benefit from the best current rate.

Don't waste any more hours applying for an expensive loan with a too high rate. Use our Swiss loan calculator which is simple, free and without obligation to request your Swiss personal credit online.

Determine the term and amount of your loan

The duration of a loan in Switzerland varies between 6 and 84 months. Be aware that the longer a loan lasts, the more expensive it is. Whereas a short-term loan does not cost much.

For example, if you take out a CHF 15,000 loan with a 3.9 % fixed rate :

  • For a term of 60 months, this will cost you an interest charge of CHF 1,506.60.
  • For a term of 36 months, you only pay a total interest charge of CHF 902.64.

Good to know: The choice of the term of a private credit depends on the profile of the borrower and his ability to repay. The determination of the duration of the loan thus varies depending on the borrower of credit. However, it is good to always follow the advice of the advisors at the banks. Indeed, these specialists offer judicious advices to subscribe to a loan or open a bank account.

Know the monthly credit payments through the simulation

An online loan simulation is very effective, especially for inquire about monthly payments to pay back. This tool helps determine the amount to be paid each month for the duration of the loan.

Note that the value of the monthly payments varies according to the rate of its Swiss loan contract.

The higher the rate, the higher the monthly payment. In the opposite case, a low rate allows you to benefit from lower monthly payments.

For example, if you borrow a sum of money of CHF 36,000 for 48 months :

  • With an interest rate of 3.9 %, you have to pay back CHF 810.14 per month.
  • For a credit rate of 9.9 %, a monthly payment amounts to CHF 904.04 without the cost of insurance.

Important: A loan simulator on the internet is ideal to find out about your monthly payments. Apart from the value of the sum to be repaid each month, this step also allows you to know the costs of a Swiss loan insurance.

All about our online credit calculator

💰 Can anyone use an online credit calculator?

Anyone can access an online loan calculator. There is no limit on the type of person or number of individuals who can use this tool. However, the user must feel the need to take out a loan. Otherwise, what is the point of the loan simulation if you are not going to apply for and sign a loan contract.

💰 What are the drawbacks of an online loan calculator tool?

Using a credit calculator on the internet only brings benefits. Find a better rate for a private loan, find a loan that meets your financing needs, know your borrowing capacity or your debt ratio, know the ideal amount 💶 to borrow and the monthly payments to repay, find interesting banks and credit institutions...

💰 How often can you do an online loan simulation?

The answer is simple. An individual can do an online credit simulation as many times as they want. There is no limit to the number of times you can use this tool. You can even use an internet loan simulator at any time. Whether it is during the day or night, a person can use the calculator anytime.

💰 When to use a credit calculator or simulator?

The right time to go through a loan calculation or simulation depends on the consumer. In addition, it also varies depending on the financing needs of a specific project.

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